Text: You may not hear or see anything from Hackers in months maybe even years but rest assured he is always riding in whatever the weather.. wind, rain, hail, sun but still progressing & still having more fun than you!

J23 Episode #9 – Toby Yeo #mixtape

Text: 2015 was an amazing year for Toby Yeo, here are some of his top clips confined in to an edit for your viewing pleasures.

J23 Episode #8 – Ollie Moore

Text: Ollie has had a busy season with an immense travel schedule so finding time to film in the UK has not been easy feat. Luckily Ollie had a little window in-between travels where he managed to get a few days filming in at Hannam’s Wake Hub, Tallington Lakes and his own private park.
Directed by: Darius Williams

J23 Episode #7 – Ollie’s Place

Text: Scotty Broome & Toby Yeo headed over to Ollie Moore’s house for a late summer weekend of fun and frolics on his own private System park. A couple of sessions on the cable, a winch mission, some bud-wiser’s and cheese toasties.. this is what you get!

J23 Episode #6 – #shredthecable JBski#4

Text: The first team gathering of the year brought us to one of the homes of UK wakeboarding and funnest floating playgrounds around; JBski just outside of London. The reasoning behind this particular shoot, besides hanging out and riding with the boys was to gather up some photos for our upcoming interview with The Cable magazine. We managed to get David Wren on the trigger finger along with Darius Williams on the video tape & editing duties, a killer combo if we do say so. To see the full interview and photos make sure you grab a copy of Issue May 2015!

J23 Episode #5 – SCOTTY #2

Text: Take a look at Scotty Broome’s tail end of 2014 before he headed back to the southern hemisphere. Winch, boat, cable, System 2, Scotty does it all.

J23 Episode #4 – Hipnotics

Text: If you’ve not heard of it, what rock have you been under? And if you’ve not been there then you need to book some flights immediately. Hip-Notics Cable Park in the south-west of Turkey, an hour or so from one of the country’s tourist hot spots, Antalya, makes for quite the wakeboard park dream holiday.

The boys headed out to Turkey for some serious LAD time. These three do seem to spend a lot of time riding together as well as hanging out off the water and are seemingly good mates despite the endless grief they give each other – or give Lee in all honesty. Either way the three area fine example of making a rather canny life for oneself in the world of wake and more fun was obviously going to be had at Hip-Notics, with two cables packed with features including a brand new array of Unit Parktech toys, lakeside chalets, awesome food and a bucket of sunshine the were always on for a fun week. The boys obviously weren’t going to miss a trick and captured all the fun and frivolity.
The boys want to thank Baris and the Hip-Notics crew for making it such and insanely awesome week!

J23 Episode #3 – Scotty

Text: t’s been just over a year since we brought out the last edit from Scotty Broome. This year we wanted to do something a little different – THE PLAN: Head to London’s inner city wakepark (Wakeupdocklands) and move around their existing features to create new jibs & find new lines. Scotty teamed up with up-coming film maker Darius Williams to make this edit a reality.
If you flick to page 24 of Hybrid wakeboard magazine issue 8 (hybridwakemag.com/hybrid-wake-issue-8-online-now/) you can find some awesome stills from the day shot by Andrew Eddy and words from the man himself – Scotty Broome.

Think outside the box….
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J23 Episode #2 – Part 2: Club Wake Park

Text: After riding Liverpool Monday morning there was no time to lose back in the car and straight back down the M1 towards London where one of the real hidden gems for British wakeboarders lie. Club Wake Park in Grendonshire. It’s always fun and it’s always flat.
Enjoy, we certainly did.

J23 Episode #2 – Part 1: Liverpool

Text: The Lads of Junction23 – CK Koester, Ollie Moore, Toby Yeo, James Hackney and honorary member for the week Lee Debuse all descended on Liverpool Wake Park on a cold Monday afternoon in November. A little behind schedule due to one late arrival and a bit of traffic on the M1, everyone was keen to get into their wetsuits (5:3′) and get a shred on.

Stay tuned for J23 Episode 2- Part 2: Club Wake Park where the fun continues and we meet up with old mate Scotty Broome….

J23 Episode #1 – Hannam’s

Text: Mitch Langfield and Daniel Grant happened to be passing by through England in-between contests. The J23 boys CK Koester, Scotty Broome and Toby Yeo plus Freddie Carter, Taylor Dell and Terry Hannam all got together to session up Hannam’s wake hub which is just outside Cambridgeshire. We ate burgers, went snorkelling, drank coffee to stay warm, lost a go-pro, found a go-pro and had one hell of a fun time sessioning one of the best wake parks in the UK.