Laps 2.3 – Toby Yeo – Cliff Lakes

Text: IIn the next 4 weeks we have 4 brand new edits lined up here at Junction 23. This being the first featuring Toby Yeo filmed at Cliff Lakes. Put on the kettle, sit back & enjoy!

Directed By: Darius Williams

Laps 2.2 – JBSKI #3

Text: CK Koester and Louis Floyd take some late season laps around the UK’s first 4 tower cable system – JBSKI which is just outside London.

Laps 2.1 – Club Wake Park #2

Text: Week 2 and we have another brand spanking new edit out for you people. Ck Koester, Matt Crowhurst, Lee Debuse and Louis Floyd all get re-acquainted with one of our favourite parks in the UK Club Wake Park. Bangers & mash!

J 2 3

Laps 2.0 – Liverpool Wake Park #2

Text: So, we have finally got our shit together and made time to ride, film & edit. This season has been a crazy one in the UK with a host of events filling up the summer – Wakestock, RedBull Harbour Reach, Plastic Playgrounds, Boat and cable nationals, JBSKI night series, Grassroots tours, AOD’s, 3 stage jam, various demos, product days and the rest. Things are really on the up here and board sales are booming with help from a couple of good summer’s on the bounce, it’s safe to say the UK scene is thriving.

This aside we have 4 fresh new edits lined up over the next few weeks which will be released each Wednesday with more shoots planned as the season goes on and into autumn, now the boys have some free time.
The first one being:

Laps 2.0 – Liverpool Wake Park #2
Toby Yeo and James Hackney’s take some laps at their local spot.

Get out and enjoy the H2o whilst it’s still warm!

Stay tuned.
J 2 3

Laps 1.9 – Florida Keys

Text:Sorry for the lack of videos recently. We have been on holiday.

Toby Yeo was able to spend some time in the Florida Keys area this winter at The Keys cable. Here is Laps 1.9 also featuring Canadian boss man Sam Medysky.


laps 1.8: JBski #2

Text: CK Koester and Matt Crowhurst decided to get a little creative over at JBSKI. They found some barrels and cones and put them to some good use!


laps 1.7: Liverpool Wake Park – Industry.1

Text: Toby Yeo and James Hackney got together to session the recently finished Liverpool Wakepark (Industry.1) They battle the winds and have some fun.


laps 1.6: Scotty Broome #euroedition

Text: Junction 23 and Scotty broome have been on a mission this year with two things in the itinerary to meet – Fun and freedom.

Having done 8 years of his professional wakeboarding career in America, Scotty decided to persue other opportunities which didn’t involve him living in Florida. Living in London in the UK Scotty is able to travel to different cable and boat events throughout Europe and globally with ease. Germany, France, Belgium, Holland and Taiwan are just a few of the places he has traveled in the last months, riding in the FISE event in France, judging wake the line in Germany, boat contests with Tige’ in Belgium and Northern Ireland and up and down the country at different wake events and filming sessions in the Uk sending that moisture. Luckily for us – he brought his camera.

Getting to know Scotty over the past year and a half one thing that sticks out to mind most is passion. Not just passion for the sport as a whole but passion as in the way he does a trick and makes it look. There is no one that is more self conscious of how tricks look and feel on a wakeboard than this guy. (that’s a good thing by the way kids) Take notes.
Junction 23
Edit: Darius Williams

Laps 1.5 – Turkey

Text: CK was lucky enough to get over to Hipnotics – a cable park in Turkey last week. He met up with Antoni van der wekken to do some riding and gather up some Vitamin D. This video is a simple reminder of what it’s all about. Riding, hanging out in the sun and having some fun. Buy a plane ticket and venture fourth, You won’t regret it…


Laps 1.4: Club Wake Park

Text: Take a ride around Club wake park with CK Koester, Lee Debuse and Matt Crowhurst. They headed over there to session their newly installed quarter pipe and have some fun on the rest of the park.


Laps 1.3: France – TNS

Text: One day last summer CK Koester and Scotty Broome found themselves on a dealer day for their sponsors which happened to land on the same day..They thought it was appropriate to grab the camera, cool off and take a few laps of round the cable in Toulouse, France.

Laps 1.2: Wakeupdocklands

Text: Toby Yeo, Scotty Broome and CK Koester took a few up and backs on the System 2.0 at London’s inner city wake park – Wakeup Docklands.
This day we had rain, wind, snow, hail, sun… Don’t let the weather stop you.


Laps 1.1: Jbski

Text: As you are probably fully aware it is still quite cold in England but the boys have still been managing to get out and ride a little bit. CK Koester, Dec Clifford and Lou Floyd took a few laps round JBski. This was the outcome…