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Junction 23 and Scotty broome have been on a mission this year with two things in the itinerary to meet – Fun and freedom.

Having done 8 years of his professional wakeboarding career in America, Scotty decided to persue other opportunities which didn’t involve him living in Florida. Living in London in the UK Scotty is able to travel to different cable and boat events throughout Europe and globally with ease. Germany, France, Belgium, Holland and Taiwan are just a few of the places he has traveled in the last months, riding in the FISE event in France, judging wake the line in Germany, boat contests with Tige’ in Belgium and Northern Ireland and up and down the country at different wake events and filming sessions in the Uk sending that moisture. Luckily for us – he brought his camera.

Getting to know Scotty over the past year and a half one thing that sticks out to mind most is passion. Not just passion for the sport as a whole but passion as in the way he does a trick and makes it look. There is no one that is more self conscious of how tricks look and feel on a wakeboard than this guy. (that’s a good thing by the way kids) Take notes.

Junction 23

Edit: Darius Williams