Laps 2.0

Text: So, we have finally got our shit together and made time to ride, film & edit. This season has been a crazy one in the UK with a host of events filling up the summer – Wakestock, RedBull Harbour Reach, Plastic Playgrounds, Boat and cable nationals, JBSKI night series, Grassroots tours, AOD’s, 3 stage jam, various demos, product days and the rest. Things are really on the up here and board sales are booming with help from a couple of good summer’s on the bounce, it’s safe to say the UK scene is thriving.

This aside we have 4 fresh new edits lined up over the next few weeks which will be released each Wednesday with more shoots planned as the season goes on and into autumn, now the boys have some free time.

The first one being: Laps 2.0 – Liverpool Wake Park #2
Toby Yeo and James Hackney’s take some laps at their local spot.

Get out and enjoy the H2o whilst it’s still warm!

Stay tuned.
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