Ambassadors 1.4

Ambassadors 1.4: CK Koester

Text: The penultimate ambassador to be introduced to Junction 23 goes by the name of CK Koester.

CK is no stranger to change, having recently parted ways with his long term clothing sponsor and then his board sponsor. It was such a shame to see a rider as good as CK cutting laps at the cable with a blank deck, but that is no more. He’s picked up a brand new board sponsor for 2013 – Obrien, along with new rubber sponsor – Jetpilot.

The road hasn’t always been a smooth ride with big endorsement deals and contracts – in 2010 he landed slightly wrong on a trick one day which would change his outlook on wakeboarding for the future. Now you will find him at the park refining his rail riding and searching for a different feel from the kickers.

Find out a little bit more about CK In this Episode of Ambassadors as he leads us through his routine in London, tracking back with some footage which includes a mixture of past and present times.

We hope you enjoy.